Colours Of Compounds

Colours Of Compounds

Salts/Compounds     Colour

1. Potassium dichromate, K₂Cr₂O₇  Orange

2. Potassium permanganate, KMnO₄  Violet

3. Ferric tetra-oxide, Fe₃O₄  Black

4. Ferrous sulphate, FeSO₄.7H₂O  Green

5. Ferric sulphate, Fe₂(SO₄)₃  Yellow

6. Ferric hydroxide, Fe(OH)₂  Green

7. Ferrous hydroxide,Fe(OH)₃  Orange or reddish brown

8. Ferrous chloride, FeCl₂  Yellow

9. Ferric chloride, FeCl₃  Reddish brown

10. Iron (II) carbonate, FeCO₃  Brown

11. Iron (III) nitrate, Fe(NO₃)₂  Red

12. Iron (II) sulphide, FeS  Black

13. Iron (III) sulphide, Fe₂S₃  Black

14. Copper carbonate, CuCO₃  Green

15. Copper nitrate, Cu(NO₃)₂  Bluish green

16. Copper sulphate, CuSO₄.5H₂O  Blue

17. Anhydrous copper sulphate, CuSO₄  White

18. Copper sulphide, CuS  Black

19. Copper chloride, CuCl₂  Yellow

20. Copper (II) oxide, CuO  Black

21. Copper (I) oxide, Cu₂O  Red

22. Copper hydroxide, Cu(OH)₂  Blue

23. Red lead, Pb₃O₄  Red or orange red

24. Lead iodide, PbI₂  Yellow

25. Lead sulphide, PbS  Black

26. Lead (II) oxide, PbO  Yellow

27. Lead (IV) oxide, PbO₂  Chocolate brown

28. Mercuric sulphide, HgS  Black or red

29. Mercuric oxide, HgO  Orange red

30. Silver iodide, AgI  Yellow

31. Silver sulphide, Ag₂S  Black

32. Silver bromide, AgBr  Yellow

33. Silver oxide, Ag₂O  Brown

👉All sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc salts are white in colour.

👉 All other lead, mercury and silver salts (except those mentioned) are white in colour.

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