Arthropoda MCQs For NEET

Arthropoda MCQs For NEET

1. In arthropods, this is complete

(a) circulatory system

(b) respiratory structures

(c) digestive system

(d) reproductive structures

Answer: (c)

2. The periplaneta belongs to which of this phyla

(a) Echinodermata

(b) Annelida

(c) Mollusca

(d) Arthropoda

Answer: (d)

3. The labrum in cockroach is attached to the head capsule through the means of

(a) Clypeus

(b) Genas

(c) Frons

(d) All the above

Answer: (a)

4. The characteristic of pronounced cephalisation is seen in

(a) Arthropoda

(b) Mollusca

(c) Annelida

(d) Echinoderms

Answer: (a)

5. This is the basic unit in the eye of insect/cockroach

(a) Corneal facet

(b) Ommatidium

(c) Rhabdome

(d) Retina

Answer: (b)

6. This is the common factor between housefly, anopheles and cockroach

(a) three pair of legs

(b) two pair of wings

(c) cuticle covering the body

(d) presence of cephalothorax

Answer: (a)

7. Pick the common trait in rats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, leeches

(a) all these have a sexual phase

(b) all these have no cellular membrane

(c) all these do not have a nucleus

(d) all these have an anticoagulatin

Answer: (a)

8. The growth in arthropods goes along with this process

(a) mitosis

(b) only molting

(c) only ecdysis

(d) ecdysis and molting

Answer: (d)

9. To view the haemocoel, you would pick this animal

(a) Sponge

(b) Earthworm

(c) Scolopendra

(d) Hydra

Answer: (c)

10. In cockroach, the spiracles are found in

(a) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 4 pairs

(b) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 6 pairs

(c) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 8 pairs

(d) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 10 pairs

Answer: (c)

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