English Syllabus For Competitive Exams

English Syllabus For Competitive Exams

English Syllabus For Competitive Exams
VocabularySynonyms And Antonyms, Homonyms
Spelling Test/Cloze Test
Fill in the Blanks
Idioms & Phrases
One Word Substitution
A sentence or Phrase Improvement
Word Association
GrammarActive and Passive Voice
Direct & Indirect Speech
Fill in Blanks – Conjunction, Preposition, Tenses, etc.
Sentence Correction/Error Spotting
Multiple Meaning
Rearrangement of SentencesPara Jumbles/ Jumbled Sentence
Paragraph Completion
ComprehensionReading Comprehension
DescriptiveEssay Writing/ Letter Writing/ Precis Writing

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Sample Question for Competitive Exams

Q.1. Given below are 5 parts of a sentence, you are required to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer:

A. Left  B. The C. House D. He E. Suddenly

  1. ABCDE
  2. BACED
  3. DEABC
  4. EBCDA

Answer (3) DEABC

Q.2. In the following questions, find the correctly spelt word:

  1. Recommandation
  2. Recommendation
  3. Recomendations
  4. Reccomendation

Answer (2) Recommendation

Q.3. Rearrange the parts to form a meaningful sentence:

I read an advertisement that said : (A) posh, air-conditioned (B) gentleman of taste (C) are available for (D) fully furnished rooms.

  1. ABCD
  2. ADCB
  3. DACB
  4. BDAC

Answer (2) ADCB

Q.4. Find the word spelt correctly

  1. Treatmeant
  2. Bitterment
  3. Efficient
  4. Employble

Answer (3) efficient

Q.5. Bring out a meaningful sentence:

Then (A) it struck me (B) of course (C) suitable it was (D) how eminently

  1. ABCD
  2. BCDA
  3. CBDA
  4. ADCB

Answer (4) 

Tips For General English Preparation

  1. Building vocabulary: This contributes the most to ace the English language section of competitive exams. Learn new words every day and use them in daily conversation to remember them for a longer time period. Make use of flashcards for vocabulary building. Nowadays, many mobile applications for online flashcards have gained popularity, download and use them to memorize new words.
  2. Strong Grammar Basics: Brush up and strengthen basic English grammar essentials such as noun, verb, pronoun, tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, degree of comparison, etc. Go through English grammar tests and guides, use English books like Wren and Martin to prepare. Practise exercises on tenses and active-passive voices, etc on a daily basis. Take up writing tasks, form meaningful sentences, analyse mistakes and improve.
  3. Improve comprehension skills: Practise reading comprehension daily, identify the manner of the paragraph and read the starting and last paragraph thoroughly, two times. Note down major points while reading to remember and carefully go through the questions to recognise and find the answer easily. 
  4. Reading newspapers and magazines – Daily habits of going through important newspapers and magazines will help improve grammar and vocabulary. Analyze the formation of sentences, note down new words and learn their meanings. With all this, you will simultaneously prepare for general awareness and current affairs as well. 
  5. Error spotting is difficult as you cannot remember all the grammar rules, therefore with serious reading habits, you will intuitively get to know the error in the sentence. Similarly, sentence formation is also built up with reading exercise.

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