Oil India Limited GK

Oil India Limited GK

1) OIL DAIRY Project of Oil India Limited is called?

Ans: Kamdhenu

2) Which project of Oil India Limited provides skill training?

Ans: Project Swalamban

3) Project Sparsha of Oil India Limited is related to

Ans: Free Mobile Dispenser Service

4) Project DIKSHA of Oil India Limited is related to

Ans: Computer Literacy Training

5) Under Oil India Limited Siksha Ratna Purashkar, OIL gives how much amount of award?

Ans: 2 Lakh

6) NRL was founded in

Ans: 1993

7) NRL was opened in

Ans: 1999

8) What is NRL

Ans: Numaligarh Refinery Limited

9) First Crude Oil in Assam discovered by

Ans: R. Wilcox

10) Who discovered oil in World?

Ans: Edwin L. Drake

11) To support Unemployment Youth and Strengthen Rural Economy, Oil started the project

Ans: Rupantar

12) When was Oil Nursing School established?

Ans: 1991

13) In which year Oil was awarded as Navaratna Company

Ans: 2010

14) Where is the head quarter of OIL

Ans: Noida

15) Who is the owner of OIL

Ans: Govt of India; Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

16) Who is the first chairman of OIL?

Ans: WPG Maclachlan

17) Which is the longest pipeline in India?

Ans: Kandla- Bhatinda Oil Pipeline

18) How many pump stations in OIL?

Ans: 10

19) Which state is the largest producer of crude OIL in India?

Ans: Rajasthan

20) Which is the largest Oil field in India?

Ans: The Bombay High

21) What is the first pipeline in India?

Ans: Naharkatia-Nunmati Barauni Pipeline

22) Where is the world’s maximum number of oil field present?

Ans: Venezuela – 304 billion barrels

23) Which is the biggest refinery in India

Ans: Reliance Jamnagar Ref.

24) Who is the chairman of Bharat Petroleum?

Ans: K. Padmakar

25) Which states of India have oil fields?

Ans: Assam, Gujrat, Rajasthan

26) When did “Oil India Rural Development Society” (OIRDS) start?

Ans: 1984

27) What is the mission of “Oil India Rural Development Society” (OIRDS)?

Ans: Equipping the rural societies with technological advancements

28) When was “OIL Rupantar” implemented?

Ans: September, 2003

Facts on Assam

29) Mission of OIL Rupantar

Ans:  to assist Self Help Groups for development of Agro based industries like bamboo cultivation, floriculture, fishery, sericulture, organic farming, etc and other allied activities like duck farming, pig rearing, goat farming, dairy farming, handloom, small business, etc. along with a Computer Centre thereby helping the unemployed youths to find alternate employment. 

30) Mission of “Project OIL Kamdhenu”

Ans: OIL aims at replicating Gujarat’s Amul story of cooperative dairy farming in the Company’s operational areas of Upper Assam resulting in ‘White Revolution’ and economic empowerment of the rural communities.

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