Should the Indian Education System work on the quality?

Should the Indian Education System work on the quality

Before my pen starts working, it wants to clarify the word “Quality”. Just like the word “Success”, Quality also has a mysterious meaning.

And the interesting thing is that, both the words are interconnected. One who can show the sense of quality will get the success in life. This is what most of us in our society assumes.

To have the entire scenario of the case stated, we need to know whether a fish can climb a tree or not. Isn’t this a silly question? If we can accept that a fish can not climb a tree, then how come a student who is good in painting can learn Maths.

If the people like Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kr are the legends in the field of singing and Sachin Tendulkar in the field of cricket; then why don’t we as a teacher program / make our next Tendulkar? Can’t we do so?

Just like Tendulkar and Mangeshkar are the winners of from two different fields, it is definitely sure that they are examined differently. The mode (/way) of examination in both the cases were different.

Once they were also the students. They were also taught by someone. It is also an education. But the the critical fact of our education system is that, those educations like singing and playing are considered as the non scholastic form of education. Students are not going to be rewarded, unless exceptionally high, in the fields like those.

Now, what if the student love so called non scholastic subjects more than the scholastic one. No-one has the control over that. And because of that, most of the times, a student suffers a lot. In the examination, somehow he / she manages to score the passing marks or just above that. What happened to the remaining share of the marks?

This means those particular students could not learn 50 to 60 % or 60 to 70% of total marks. Which means they will still have some doubts in some topics. And, they are going to have the upgraded part of the same topic in their higher classes. The simple question that arises here is “If a student could not clear his doubts in lower classes where the topics were discussed in simple ways, then how will the same student manage to learn the detailed form or the complex form of the topics in higher classes?”

As a teacher, isn’t this our duty to see whether a student is totally comfortable or not in the topics? But….. every situation has a big “BUT”. But, will the education system allow us to do so? Because the doubt clearing session takes a lot of time, sometimes it is more than a year too.

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