When should we start SEO for a new website

When should we start SEO for a new website

We should start SEO for a new website by:

1. Select your domain name Carefully.

2. Choose a Reputable Web Hosting Provider.

3. Conduct Keyword Research.

4. Plan Out Your Site’s Architecture.

5. Prioritize Intuitive Navigation in Your Design.

6. Create a Standard, SEO-friendly URL Structure.

7. Design for Site Speed.

8. Create a mobile-friendly and responsive design.

9. Consider Visual Hierarchy for Every Page.

10. Focus on Indexable Content.

11. Target Primary Keywords for Each Page.

12. Optimize Title Tags.

13. Optimize Images.

14. Optimize Headings.

15. Optimize text on the page.

16. Write Unique Meta Descriptions.

17. Link to Other Pages on Your Website.

18. SEO should be the first step with UX or site design.

19. Make a Google Sitemap.

20. Make a long-term SEO Plan.

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