Awards, Honours & Persons In News Current Affairs MCQs

Awards, Honours & Persons In News Current Affairs MCQs

Q1. Which Indian has been conferred with the Top 20 Global Women of Excellence Award for 2020 by the US Congress?

[A] Kiran Bedi

[B] Tamilisai Soundararajan

[C] Anandhiben Patel

[D] Najma Heptullah

Correct Answer: B [Tamilisai Soundararajan]

2.Who has been appointed as the Director General of National Security Guard?

[A] Swapan Dasgupta

[B] M. A. Ganapathy

[C] P.K. Sinha

[D] A P Maheshwari

Correct Answer: B [M. A. Ganapathy]

3. Which Indian film won the ‘Best Feature Film’ award in the 67th National Film Awards?

[A] Asuran

[B] Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea

[C] Jersey

[D] Biriyani

Correct Answer: B [Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea]

4.Who is the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) of India, whose term has been extended?

[A] B P Kanungo

[B] K Vijay Raghavan

[C] N S Viswanathan

D] R Gandhi

Correct Answer: B [K Vijay Raghavan]

5.Who has been selected as the EY Entrepreneur for 2020?

[A] Harsh Mariwala

[B] Prathap Chandra Reddy

[C] Byju Raveendran

[D] Peyush Bansal

Correct Answer: A [Harsh Mariwala]

6. Who has been appointed as the Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)?

[A] Amit Khare

[B] Chintan Vaishnav

[C] Amitabh Khant

[D] Rajiv Kumar

Correct Answer: B [Chintan Vaishnav]

7. The Human rights activist and journalist Ibn Abdur Rehman, who died recently, was from which country?

[A] India

[B] Bangladesh

[C] Sri Lanka

[D] Pakistan

Correct Answer: D [Pakistan]

8. Vera Gedroits, who featured in Google Doodle recently, is the first female military surgeon of which country?

[A] Germany

[B] Russia

[C] Italy

[D] France

Correct Answer: B [Russia]

9. Vaishali S Hiwase, has been appointed as the first woman officer of which Central Armed Police Force?





Correct Answer: A [BRO]

10. Who was Soli J Sorabjee, who passed away recently?

[A] Former Attorney General

[B] Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court

[C] Former Comptroller and Auditor General

[D] Former Chief Election Commissioner

Correct Answer: A [Former Attorney General]

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