People call OIL a corrupt Company

People call OIL a corrupt Company

People call OIL a corrupt Company

A Navratna Company, OIL is a state-owned enterprise of the Government of India, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, and is the second-largest national oil and gas company in India.

Oil India Limited (OIL) is a navaratna company. Its achievement and rewards are all known to us very well. Every year OIL recruits aspirants to its team.

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Likewise in 2021, it released a notification regarding JA (Junior Assistant). But, as soon as the company OIL declares its result of Junior Assistant 2022, people could not resist their emotions.

According to the aspirants, they were supposed to score at least the marks they deserved. But unfortunately, it was seen that aspirants failed to get what they expected to get.

Those who expected to get almost 80 out of 100 got around 40 to 50 in range. It is not like people can not fail, but it was something that was unexpected.

All those candidates who were part of the examination were already graduate or some of them were Post Graduate. They already know how they have prepared and what was their attempt.

Some of them are already working as a teacher and some are already preparing for the competitive examinations. So, according to them, they can make mistakes with an error percentage of around 5 to 10 % but not beyond that. So, how come they get that difference in marks.

After the declaration of the result, some of them have also filed out RTI. Their intention was not to fight against OIL but to check the answer script of the paper they appeared for.

But the company is so giant that it could not listen to anyone’s voice.

Moreover, in one more recruitment of OIL, aspirants got only 2 or 3 in a section and an interesting coincidence in all the cases that could be seen is that the aspirant’s name started with ‘A’. So, whether he/she is Abhijit or Ashim or Anita or Anindita, all got 2 in Section B.

Even after the whole scene, there are indeed many people who are saying “Company is not corrupt, however people involved are sold out”.

Kindly share the post so that everyone knows the fact. At least the conducting committee should get this post.

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