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Deliverymen wearing protective suits carry bags of food at the gate of a residential community in Shanghai, China, Monday, April 11, 2022. The U.S. has ordered all non-emergency consular staff to leave Shanghai, which is under a tight lockdown to contain a COVID-19 surge.


  • China’s Zero Covid Policy is proving to be a failure as record cases still surface
  • This situation is when China is one of the top 5 countries to administer maximum number of jabs
  • Questions are also being raised on the efficacy of its Covid vaccine

Covid situation is once again going out of hands in China which has been aggressively following ‘Zero Covid Tolerance’ strategy but even then new records in terms of fresh cases are being registered almost everyday post the Omicron outbreak. The current situation in the country points out that the ‘Zero Covid Strategy’ has been a failure to stop the spread of the infectious disease.

Questions are also being raised on the efficacy of China’s Covid vaccine that hasn’t been as successful as compared to India’s vaccines or other jabs being given across the world.

China has always been notorious about revealing the actual data of new cases, deaths to the world.

Most of the people in China have been given the ‘Made in China’ vaccine like Sinopharm but these hasn’t been that effective compared to other vaccines.

Has China’s vaccine been a complete failure?

The new Covid wave has gripped China once again raising questions on the efficacy of its homemade vaccine that too when the country has been following ‘Zero Covid Strategy’ but cases are still spreading.

Even after being under a tough lockdown, and majority of population fully vaccinated, if cases are still surfacing in large numbers then it shows that their vaccine has been a failure.

China is one of the top 5 countries in the world interms of most number of vaccinations.

Shanghai remains a hotspot of Covid infection

At present, Shanghai, the country’s largest city, remains a hotspot of corona infection. New record cases are being registered even when the city is under strict lockdown.

The lockdown in China is proving to be ineffective and people are getting angry about the shortage of vaccinations and food items. The people of China are demonstrating online as well as on the streets.

Shanghai released 6,000 more people from the central facilities where they were under medical observation to guard against the coronavirus, the government said Wednesday, though the lockdown of most of China’s largest city was being maintained in its third week.

About 6.6 million people in the city of 25 million were allowed to leave their homes Tuesday, but some were restricted to their own neighbourhoods. Some housing compounds also appeared to still be keeping residents locked inside, and no further lifting of restrictions was apparent Wednesday.

Officials warn Shanghai still doesn’t have the latest surge in cases of the omicron variant under control, despite its “zero-tolerance” approach that has seen some residents confined to their homes for three weeks or longer.

China also requires anyone who tests positive or is a close contact of such a person to spend at least a week in centralised observation centres in pre-fabricated buildings or gymnasiums and exhibition halls to limit the spread of the virus.

The city’s health bureau said Wednesday that 6,044 people had been allowed the day before to leave observation centres and return home, although health monitoring will continue.

The number of newly detected daily cases in the city edged upward to 26,338, all but 1,189 of them in people showing no symptoms. With more than 200,000 total cases, the ongoing outbreak is China’s biggest of the pandemic. But the mass testing has caught many asymptomatic cases, and no deaths have been reported in Shanghai.

The lockdown has led to frustration among residents in Shanghai about running out of food and being unable to get deliveries.

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