Russia warns of nuclear deployments in Baltic region if Finland, Sweden joins NATO

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  • Russia has warned Finland, Sweden over possible joining the NATO alliance
  • Russia said it will go ahead with nuclear deployments if Finland, Sweden join NATO
  • Finland, Sweden may take decision in coming weeks

Russia has warned Finland, Sweden over their possible joining of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance saying that it will proceed with nuclear deployments in Europe if this move by European nations is taken.

Conveying it to Finland and Sweden, Russia said, “If both the countries join NATO, the length of alliance’s land borders with the Russian Federation will more than double. Naturally, these borders will have to be strengthened,” Dmitry Medvedev, former President and deputy chairman of Russia’s security council wrote on Telegram.¬†

Medvedev said that Russia will have to seriously strengthen grouping of land forces, air defense, deploy significant naval forces towards the Gulf of Finland.

The deputy chairman of Russia’s security council further said that it will no longer be possible to talk about any nuclear-free status of the Baltic – the balance must be restored.

Comments from Russia on nuclear deployments have come after Finland and Sweden said that they will decide on joining NATO in the coming few weeks.

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