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Why does heat transfer from hot body to cold body

Why does heat transfer from hot body to cold body

The atoms in the hot bodies have higher kinetic energy than those in the cold bodies. So, to maintain thermal equilibrium, the atoms of higher kinetic energy try to move and collide with the atoms of low kinetic energy. As a result, heat transfers from a hot body to a cold body.

Points to remember:

  1. Energy flows from higher potential region to lower potential region.
  2. A substance with a higher temperature always stays at a higher potential region and the same goes good for the other one.

Concept in detail:

Heat is a form of energy which we can feel but we can not see it. It gives us the sense of hotness or coldness of on object.

In general, heat is the flow of kinetic energy.

So, to understand the concept we should know the definition of energy and then its types with definitions also.

We should always remember that energy transfer always occur in three different ways:

a) radiation

b) conduction

c) convection.

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