Force and Pressure Important Questions

Force and Pressure Important Questions

1.  How can we decide whether an object is moving faster than the other?

Ans: By its speed.

Speed is the distance travelled by an object per unit time. The change in position takes place with respect to the surroundings. More change in distance, more fast the object is.

2.  What is required for a force to come into play?

3.  What happens when two forces act in the same direction?

Ans: The resultant force increases

If the forces act in a same direction, then the resultant force is the sum of the individual forces. Whereas the resultant force is the difference of the forces if it works in opposite direction.

4.  A ball is in rest. When it is pushed, why it starts moving?

5.  What is role of force on the speed of moving object?

6.  Is the gravity a property of earth only?

7.  Does liquids and gases also exert pressure?

8.  What is atmosphere?

9.  How to feel force in daily life?

10.  What is electrostatic force? Why is it called non-contact force?

11.  We observe that the wheels of buses and trucks are heavier than the wheels of car or scooters. Why?

12.  What are the examples of muscular force?

13.  Give two examples of a situation in which applied force causes a change in the shape of an object.

14.  How to change the speed and the direction of a moving body?

15.  What are the efftects of force?

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