Good Night Wishes and Quotes

Good Night Wishes and Quotes

Good Night Wishes and Quotes

Quote 1: Take the risk or lose the chance.

Quote 2: Dreams are a healing therapy that we give to ourselves.

Quote 3: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Good Night Wishes and Quotes

Quote 4: I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”
– Harry Dean Stanton

Quote 5: Today was the best because I got to spend it with you. Smiling as I fall asleep. Sweet dreams.

Quote 5: I hope you sleep so well tonight. May you wake up to this message in hopes of it bringing a big smile to your face.

Quote 6: I am so lucky to have such a great family to feel thankful for every night before I fall asleep. Good night, I love you.

Quote 7: As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep; all the good times are yours to keep. Have a wonderful slumber.

Quote 8: Put all your worries and troubles aside and let your body feel the warmth of your blanket and bed. May you have a restful sleep tonight!

Quote 9: You have lots of reasons to thank God for such a peaceful night like this. What an amazing and blissful night for a good sleep. Good night wishes from my side to yours!

Quote 10: May you gleam brighter than any star in the sky. May you are more talented than your competitors. You are loving, caring, intelligent, and funny. I hope your dreams are filled with joy, fun, and happiness. Good night!

Quote 11: Let this amazing night
take you on a ride
of beautiful dreams.
Good Night.

Quote 12: I wish i had been there
to hold you tight
instead of merely saying.
Good Night.

Quote 13: No matter what kind of mess
life put you through today,
tomorrow will always be a new day.
Good Night

Quote 14: Life always offers you
a second chance
it’s called tomorrow.
Good Night.

Quote 15: Even the darkest night
will end and the sun will rise.

Quote 16: Heaven smiles down as we sleep,
warming our hearts and ticking our feet!

Quote 17: If the plan doesn’t work
change the plan but
Never the goal.
Good Night.

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Quote 18: Good Night, my precious friend! May you feel safe and loved!

Quote 19: I am very much thankful to my God. Because He gave me the most amazing person as a friend, it’s you, dear! Good night!

Quote 20: Dreams of today will become a reality tomorrow. Have a restful sleep on this peaceful night! Goodnight, friend!

Quote 21: Good night, my one and only. I wish I could hold you in my arms right now as I go to sleep.

Quote 22: Good night dear. Tomorrow, you are going to have a great day. Just make sure your body is prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Sleep well!

Quote 23: No matter how bad the day was, always try to end it with positive thoughts. Try to focus on the next day and hope for a sweet dream. Good night.

Quote 24: The night has come to help you get rid of all the stress and pressure you had all day long. Get as much rest as you can get before starting another stressful day. Good night.

Quote 25: I don’t need anything else to warm me up as long as you love me. Because the warmth of your love is all I need. Good night!

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