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Questions on Kanaklata Barua

Q1. During the Quit India Movement, a girl named Kanaklata Barua led a public procession and defying the police, tried to enter the police station but was shot dead. This incident took place at – 

  1. Sonitpur
  2. Midnapur
  3. Korapur
  4. Gohpur

Ans: Option 4 : Gohpur

Q2. During the Quit India Movement, which one of the following joined the Mrityu Bahini?

  1. Bina Das
  2. Khudiram Bose
  3. Pritilata Waddedar
  4. Kanaklata Barua

Ans: Option 4 : Kanaklata Barua

Q3. Kanaklata Barua became a martyr of which one of the following national movements

A. Non-Cooperation Movement

B. Quit India Movement

C. Civil Disobedience Movement

D. Swadeshi Movement

Answer: Quit India Movement

Q4. Who among the following is considered to be the only woman in freedom struggle to go to jail for 42 times?

[A] Sarojini Naidu
[B] Kanaklata Barua
[C] Mani Ben
[D] Sushila Nayyar

Correct Answer: C [Mani Ben]

Q5. The Fast Patrol Vessel “Kanaklata Barua” has been inducted into which Defence force?
Answer: [C] Indian Coast Guard

Q6. When and where was Kanaklata Barua born?

Ans: Kanklata Barua was born in December 22, 1924 at Barangabari, Gahpur, Darang district (now Sonitpur district).

Q7. Who is Kanaklata Barua?

Ans: She was the first female martyr of the Indian Freedom Struggle from Assam.

Q8. When was Quit India Movement launched all over India?

Ans: Quit India Movement was launched all over India in 1942.

Q9. At what age Kanaklata Barua joined the Death Force(Mrityu Bahini)?

Ans: She joined the Death Force(Mrityu Bahini) only when she was seventeen years old because of her determination, courage and love for the country.

Q10. When and in what age did Kanaklata Barua died?

Ans: Kanaklata Barua died in September 20, 1942 at the age of seventeen.

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