Why are rivers not salty?

Why are rivers not salty?

Why are rivers not salty?

A river is a ribbon-like body that flows constantly. Usually, water moves from different water bodies to the sea or ocean.

It starts at an altitude and then water flows from that point and goes on moving from that point to the plain area. Gravity plays an important role in the flow of water from higher potential regions to lower potential regions. With the help of gravity, the direction and the shape and size of the river are decided.

Rivers move constantly and while doing so they pick up minerals and salt from the rocks they pass by. Rivers move towards the ocean and when water mixes with the ocean water, the salt mixes along with it. \

During the journey, water strikes the rocks and boulders and because of this the salty behaviour or the salt particles of the water gets filtered out. Thus, the river water is not salty.

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