deeplina deka

Deeplina Deka from Assam

Deeplina Deka from Assam

Deeplina Deka

Public figure

Electrical engineer | singer | actor

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Deeplina Deka from Assam
What Deepilna Said for Kishore

নাই পৰা মানি লবলৈ। কেনেকৈ মানো?
সেই হাঁহি, জীৱনক ভাল পোৱা ভাল মনৰ লৰাজন আৰু আমাৰ মাজত ঘূৰি নাহে। কিমান যে কাম কৰিবলগীয়া আছিল আমি একেলগে। কিমান যে তোমাৰ পৰিকল্পনা আছিল। বিৰাট কষ্ট পাইছোঁ kishore!

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Deeplina Deka from Assam
Deeplina met Papon in Maharastra

Meeting the most humble yet lovable person @paponmusic and as he said meeting the real ‘Rockstar’ of their world was the best thing happened so far. I will cherish these moments. Looking forward to many more hang outs. See you both real soon. Cheers❤️

And yes you got the best view over there @paponmusic 🌚😬

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