Tanveer Rahman Saikia from Duliajan Assam

Tanveer Rahman Saikia from Duliajan Assam

Tanveer Rahaman Saikia from Duliajan Assam

Hi guys, I am Tanveer, a resident of Duliajan, Assam. Just a few months before my HSLC Exam was over.

I was wondering of becoming an engineer and building up a career in IIT Guwahati and others. My mother too supported me in my aims. That is I was facing a repulsion with Biology.

But at the end of my 10th class, my mind went to the medical side. Suddenly, the urge for becoming a doctor came to me. I surfed the internet and gained a lot.

Then during my preboard Exam, I was appearing for ASAT (Allen cum Scholarship Test), and I got the chance in Allen. Currently continuing my journey to crack NEET, just bless me to the best and I wish you and your family to enjoy life and succeed in every aspect.

Thank You❣️

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