When did you realize small things matter?

When did you realize small things matter?

20 Days before my JEE Mains I had severe pain in my right side of abdomen. The pain started at 2 am in the morning and it was unbearable.

I was rushed to an emergency ward of a Hospital where I was given several painkillers and after which my tests were conducted. After 2 days me and my family came to know that a stone coming out from my kidney got stuck in ureter and it needed an urgent surgery. Listening this my whole world turned upside down. My mother was not with me.

My father almost became senseless he was like what to do what not to do. We tried to hid this news from my mother as she too underwent a heavy surgery a month before. We consulted an another doctor and he said the same thing. I was told to get admit asap.

I was admitted and got operated the next day. Seeing the OT for the first time I was shivering a lot. Post operation I had too much pain. I was told not to sit, neither I was able to eat anything only saline water. A catheter was inserted by which urine used to go in bag and it used to pain a lot.

All the time lying on bed I used to think about outside world how happy should people be of they are able to do all normal things yet people are unhappy and depressed. A pipe called stent was placed inside me and it was supposed to stay for a month and because of that I was not allowed to go anywhere neither I was able to urinate properly, it always used to burn and pain a lot. I couldn’t eat any of my favourite dish.

I just used to wish to be like a normal person again, at that time study college career nothing was bothering me. It was hell lot of a scary and painful experience for a 18 Y and for my family

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