Comparing Quantities Class 8 Extra Questions Maths Chapter 8

Comparing Quantities Class 8 Extra Questions Maths Chapter 8

Q1. Express the following in decimal form:

(a) 12%

Ans: 0.12

(b) 25%

Ans: 0.25

Q2. Evaluate the following:

(a) 20% of 400

Ans: 80

(b) 12.5% of 625

Ans: 78.125

Q3. If 20% of x is 25, then find x.

Ans: 125

Q4. Express the following as a fraction

(a) 35%

Ans: 7/20

(b) 64%

Ans: 16/25

Q5. Express the following into percent

(а) 3:5

Ans: 60%

(b) 2:5

Ans: 40%

Q6. There are 24% of boys in a school. If the number of girls is 456, find the total number of students in the school.

Ans: 600

Q7. The cost of 15 articles is equal to the selling price of 12 articles. Find the profit percent.

Ans: 25%

Q8. An article is marked at ₹ 940. If it is sold for ₹ 799, then find the discount percent.

Ans: 15%

Q9. A watch was bought for ₹ 2,700 including 8% VAT. Find its price before the VAT was added.

Ans: Rs 2500

Q10. Find the amount if ₹ 2,000 is invested for 2 years at 4% p.a. compounded annually.

Ans: Rs. 2163.20

Q11. A number is increased by 20% and then it is decreased by 20%. Find the net increase or decrease percent.

Ans: 4%

Q12. Two candidates Raman and Rajan contested an election. Raman gets 46% of the valid votes and is defeated by 1600 votes. Find the total number of valid votes cast in the election.

Ans: 20000

Q13. A man whose income is ₹ 57,600 a year spends ₹ 43,200 a year. What percentage of his income does he save?

Ans: 25%

Q14. Find the amount of ₹ 6,250 at 8% pa compounded annually for 2 years. Also, find the compound interest.

Ans: 1040

Q15. Vishakha offers a discount of 20% on all the items at her shop and still makes a profit of 12%. What is the cost price of an article marked at ₹ 280?

Ans: 200

Q16. Find the compound interest on ₹ 48,000 for one year at 8% per annum when compounded half-yearly. (NCERT Exemplar)

Ans: 3916.80

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