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Open letter to QNET India Support Centre

Open letter to QNET India Support Centre


I would like to share some names of IRs who are cheating people by making false promises.

Some false promises before joining QNET were done to me as follows:

1. It’s a franchise business with big names ex LG.

Truth: I’ve never seen any LG product in your list.

2. Big brands already have a good reputation in the market so selling those familiar products wil give you extra cushion as compared to even their showrooms because transportation cost, franchise cost, set up cost etc is saved in our online business.

Truth: No branded products except Kent RO are there in your products list.

And at the same time those particular KENT products are NOT AVAILABLE in the market so where is the question of price-comparison??

Kent products sold by you are much more costly than Kent products available in the market.

3. My upline (and friend who introduced me to this business) claimed that he has left his job because he is earning many times more in this business; and he feels job hours a big hurdle in his successful QNET business.

Truth: After 30 days of signing me up he revealed that he earned only 70,000 Rs in 18 months through this business.

4. every time I questioned legal issues in carrying on this business, their team answered that it’s the media who is spreading false propaganda.

Truth: Your IRs are getting arrested due to fault in your business model itself.

Only source of money here is : sign up fee of the new entrants.

Your super senior Uplines like Sachin Gupta, Praneshwar Prasad Shyam, Japadas, Dato Shri Vijayan, and Padman Senatiajah are running to gulf countries because Indian Police us after them for committing financial fraud here.

Dear sir/madam.

Please check your business model and make necessary improvements in it.

Then teach the same to your newly signed innocent IRs otherwise after losing their hard-earned money they’ll have only one option after any new sign up which is JAIL.

Names of your IRs who did this fraud with me:

Ketan Datatrey Pawar

Girish Khanolkar

Kalyaneshwar Prasad Shyam

Deepak Chauhan

All are from your Pune based team.

Ram Manohar Gupta

B. Tech. N.I.T. Bhopal

Contact: 6387138878

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